About Us



Most businesses use this page to bore you with tales of how good they are. They don’t realise that this page should not actually be ‘about us’ but instead should be about how I help ‘you’.

You are probably here because you have a marketing problem you want solved. That’s what I do; I solve marketing problems.


So it is important you and I ask three crucial questions:


1. What problem are you trying to solve? Yes, I know you want more customers/revenue but we need to think more deeply than that.


2. On a scale of 1-10, how painful is the problem?


3. What would happen if you did nothing about it?


Once we’ve figured all that out I can have a look at what marketing tactics you’ve tried in the past and come up with ideas that I think can work for you.


Mostly I’ll focus on unpacking your expertise and turning it into awesome content that will attract, convert and retain customers.


And I’ll do all that while using down-to-earth, practical advice while following one of my guiding principles that “I’ll never tell you to do something I wouldn’t do myself if it was my business”.

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One of the things that makes me different to a lot of other marketers around Canberra is that I actually have marketing qualifications (Master of Marketing with Distinction and I’ve completed the Content Marketing Institute’s content marketing course) plus extensive experience across a wide range of industries and organisation sizes. I also teach marketing and management tutorials at University of Canberra.


What that means is not only do I understand the theories of marketing but I’ve been applying them for long time in many different situations.


I’m a massive believer that more businesses should take a ‘marketing through teaching’ approach and utilise all the cheap tools available, think like publishers and create content.


Sadly, too many businesses are still trying to use marketing tactics that were designed to sell stuff to our grandparents. That doesn’t work in today’s digital world and I’m tired of seeing businesses get ripped off with bad marketing (it’s hard enough to run a business, right?).


I also like to take a skills transfer approach wherever I can. That means I’d rather get you started, coach and mentor you to keep going and then get you to a place where you are confident and educated enough to be a better marketer all by yourself.


And that’s where the name came from …


There used to be a TV series called Kung Fu and the young bloke meets the master (who is blind).


So one day I was having a coffee with someone else who works in content marketing and we were talking shop and I said to him “How do people not see how content marketing works? It’s so obvious!”


It reminded me of the exchange in the show Kung Fu…



Now, imagine that a content marketer is Master Po and a client who needs help is young Caine.


Content Marketer: Tell me, how will you market to your customers?

You: We will advertise lots, get in their face and tell them, at every opportunity, about our amazing products. They will be so impressed they will be compelled to buy them.

Content Marketer: Is that what happens when companies interrupt you with advertising?

You: Ha, ha! No way. That just annoys me! I IGNORE IT.

Content Marketer: Then why would you do it to your customers? Why don’t you talk to them about things that are valuable to them? Why not educate them? Help them?

You: How can you see that that is what they want?

Content Marketer: How is it that you do not?


I honestly can’t understand why everyone isn’t using content marketing. Let me teach you.

I honestly can’t understand why everyone isn’t using content marketing.

Let me teach you.