Big Book Of Practical Marketing Advice

Content Grasshopper Big Book Of Practical Marketing AdviceThis eBook is a collection of the most common and practical advice we give businesses every day.


And it’s 100% free.


Not only will you get great free advice, but you’ll also be set small tasks that will show you how to implement the advice set out.


Plus, each topic is presented in a way so that they are all stand alone subjects. So you can pick it up, flick to a spot, and get really quick and sharp advice.


Here’s what you will learn:

  • how people buy;
  • why you should focus on benefits and not just features;
  • using passive and active voice on your site;
  • creating call to action;
  • how to write great testimonials;
  • why you should gate content;
  • how many words you should have on your website pages;
  • making the most of lots of channels at the same time;
  • how to write effective headlines;
  • how to use eMail to effectively follow-up after meetings;
  • how to make proper guarantees;
  • how to write focused and engaging About Us pages;
  • understanding the essence of how social media can work for you;
  • why you should have prices on your website;
  • how to create awesome landing pages;
  • how to focus your content;
  • why you should be using your eMail database;
  • how to write engaging copy; and
  • thinking about your pyramid of offerings.


Sound good?