Palliative Care ACT – Annual Report

About This Project

Annual Corporate Report Design including electronic publishing.


Palliative Care Annual Report

Palliative Care ACT wanted to modernise their annual report that was more engaging and better represented the organisation. We recommend publishing the report elctronically on and distributing it to stakeholders via email where they could read it online, download a PDF or use the iOS or Android apps to read it on their devices.


“I think it is a massive leap forward for our organisation from our historical annual reports. You have done a terrific job in the publication. Thank you for your flexibility and help. You will be someone I recommend well into the future!”

– Sonja

“It’s a very impressive, professional-looking document with a certain ‘wow’ factor.”

– Stakeholder

“This report looks really impressive.  The photos are great and there is a sense of energy about it.”

– Stakeholder

Design, Electronic Publishing