Templates & Guides

Feel free to grab, use and abuse any of the following guides and templates that I use everyday.


Menu: Content Activities

A simple to use menu which, if you have sizeable pieces of content, you can use it to rank the importance of the theme/topic and easily create a campaign to promote it.



Planner: Website Content

An easy-to-use spreadsheet that helps you plan out your site’s pages and helps you consider, for each page, the audience, their buying stage, the one thing you need to get across, benefits, calls-to-action, keywords and phrases, voice, style/tone and images.



Template: Web Page Content Template

Explains the key elements to writing great website pages and includes a checklist to make sure you’ve covered them all.



Guide: How To Write Content Quickly

A straightforward guide on how to organise your thoughts to write content really quickly.



Guide: Ultimate Case Studies

An in-depth guide on how to write properly structured case studies that will take your readers on a journey and help them create a vision of what life will be like after you help them. It provides lots of background information on best practice before positioning the critical elements of a case study and then outlining the process to bring one to a finished product.