Project Description

As part of a franchise group, some of Luton Weston’s marketing is taken care of by head office. However, Tim and Justine, the franchisees, wanted more. Yet, the challenge with real estate marketing is staying relevant in a crowded market when the vast majority of it doesn’t really want to be engaged with a real estate brand outside of the transaction of buying and selling property.

The solution was to elevate Luton Weston, above the transaction, to a place where they help contribute to creating homes for people. This is achieved through an ongoing electronic newsletter magazine which departs the usual boring approach of real estate agents where it is all “me, me, me”.

The magazine brings together lifestyle articles, competitions and agency news into something people actually look forward to getting (and we know that because their email campaigns achieve an open rate of 45.63% compared to the real estate industry average of 18.67%).