Project Description

A strategic marketing review was conducted to ensure that Touch Football Australia was well placed to service its market effectively and prepare for significant organisational change.

In-depth exploratory interviews were conducted with Touch Football Australia staff to gain an understanding of their roles, as they related to marketing, as well as their views and opinions on what could be optimised.

The result was a report, presented to the Board, which scored the organisation across nine key areas (as they relate to marketing) – Organisational Structure, Internal Resources, External Resources, Business Objectives, Audience(s), Communications/Content, Policies & Procedures, Measurement and Education.

The report then recommended areas for improvement, goals to achieve in those areas and actions that could be taken to help achieve them.

The significant organisational change, mentioned earlier, was a strategic partnership and alignment with the National Rugby League (NRL) and improvements to marketing, achieved through this review, helped position Touch Football Australia for the change and to capitalise on it.